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Film from the Ukraine

Earlier this year I acquired a Kiev 6C from a dealer in the Ukraine.  It’s the poorly regarded version of the 66, but mine seems to work well. When I received it, it contained a roll of exposed C41 film. I don’t have the chemicals to develop this, so I took it off to the friendly local camera store, Belle Arte on Ottawa Street. I was hoping for a roll of Soviet-vintage shots, but it seems to be much more recent.


The first photo was of the blurry interior of a mobile phone store.


The second? Half a laundry room, an apparent accidental shot, or a shot taken while spooling on the roll.


Then, man with a baby.


And a woman with a baby.


And then… a baby.

So, perhaps it wasn’t a bunch of Brezhnev’s holiday photos. But an interesting glimpse into life in another land.


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Perth’s Journey

Minas Journey

My friend Perth is an interesting woman. She’s a construction worker, a boxer, and an enormous Dungeons and Dragons nerd. She was also an excellent model for some photos I contributed to an exhibit exploring gender roles. The top photo was taken with my a380 DSLR, the bottom with an old Soviet Kiev 6C medium format SLR. I thought her revolutionary pose was a good fit for the camera.


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