Doc Mystery Descending


A good friend of mine is a avid collector of pulp fiction and magazines, as well as being a fairly well-known amateur radio show historian. He is also a medical doctor, adding a bit of credence to his online handle, “Doc Mystery.” In May, I joined him in attending the annual Toronto Fantastic Pulp Show. It takes places in the basement of the Lillian H. Smith library, which not coincidentally houses the 72,000 pieces of the Judith Merril Collection of Science Fiction, Speculation and Fantasy. Though the vendors (and patrons) are aging, each year the show provides a glimpse of our strange subculture’s early days.

Here I’ve caught “Doc” as he strolls down to the show. I was shooting with a Pentax ME Super loaded with expired 800 ISO colour film. Converting to monochrome made for a much more striking image.



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2 responses to “Doc Mystery Descending

  1. I like it – it’d be excellent to be able to see your pics a bit bigger though!

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