me blog
Two partners, two kids, 2000 books.

Long form
I married Erin in 1999, and I’m father to two girls. Erin is fantastic, and surprises me with new things every year. In 2011 Desirée joined our household. She is our partner, who is with us for the long haul.

Until 2002, I was a magazine and newspaper reporter. Then I spent eight years as a technical writer, mostly instructional design. And now, it seems, I am a newspaper reporter again.

I’ve written for a number of role-playing game books. I’m co-author of the newest edition of the Usagi Yojimbo RPG, and author of the Albedo: Platinum Catalyst RPG. I sometimes show up as a very minor guest at science-fiction and gaming conventions.

I have fantastic friends. I take lots of road trips to unremarkable places that are significant for obscure reasons.

I am much stranger than some people assume and much duller than other people assume.

I like role-playing games more than most people. And by that, I mean that I like role-playing games more than I like most people.


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